Saturday, February 6, 2010

today is another saturday.

today i wore a red sweater.

stressed myself out this morning, and tried to calm myself down.
the only remedy for that is to leave the house.
have i a car? nope.
have i a drivers license? nope.
i am at the mercy of my mothers schedule.

so instead i...

listened to this song one too many times,
and yet not enough. because i love it.

wore my hair air-dried so i can better dream of paris.

began (500) Days of Summer, and turned it off.

not recommended for innocent audiences. but i still like the music.

tried to practice my french with the help of Rosetta Stone.
still cant pronounce 'policier' correct.
{but i can, Rosetta just doesn't know it yet}

and i let my feet get cold, cuz i didn't want to find socks.

i colored a picture of Paris.

drew my outfit on a peice of paper.
did i tell you i am wearing a red sweater?
i am.
i never wear red.

da da da. dont think twice.
its alright.

{xoxo} Rosie

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