Sunday, March 28, 2010

happy 200th!

welcome to
post number

{on my other little blog}

to celebrate i will now introduce you to my new room!

square of dianas, above my desk, beside my bed
vintage lamp sort of a thing
my magnet and/or inspiration board
on my bedside table, where my lappy usually resides.
favorite DI find ever. vintage velvety riding helmet. did i mention it cost 5 dollars?
my vogue archives and inspiration files
banner by me
i call this my collage of bedside tables.
hanging on my closet door, vintage prom dress, knock-off chanel bag.

{xoxo} Rosie

as i hopped on to add one more picture {this is at ten thirty pm, mind you} i realized i didnt do my math homework, and that there is a math quiz tomorrow.
this is not an ideal situation for one that is not effortlessly skilled with mathematic skills, such as i.

most definitely not an ideal situation. at all.

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