Monday, July 12, 2010

be prepared.


So, my mom and I have been on this creative/thrifty/antiquing kick for the last week, and have been going to DI and antique stores and all that a lot more than usual, which is great, because that is how you find things like vintage boy scout uniforms!

This snazzy little uniform was found at the same antique mall as the pink glasses. I'm slowly getting around to taking pictures and dry cleaning everything, we've got a lot of little treasures from our antiquing adventures!

Plus, it's always such a thrill when pictures turn out nice, like these. I'm realizing that I really love this tree-fence in my backyard with the sun coming over the mountains in the morning. And I get to stand in the wet grass with bare feet and set the camera on the trampoline, and get really dreamy lighting with that handy little self timer!


There is lots of good to come.
I'll tell you, it includes a tuxedo jacket {with tails}.
So stay tuned!

xo, Rosie.

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Abi-Anne said...

That is such a lovely jacket. Lucky you to have snagged that up!