Friday, June 25, 2010

a dancing dress, please.

I think its been made apparent that I like weddings.
Really? you say. Yes, really.

I went to this really incredible reception last month, and all I can say is that it was a dream come true. For reals. This wedding featured a big pink wall of frames and pictures and mirrors. A dessert table with macaroon trees. A little tent with couches to converse at. Chandeliers in the main tent. And the most incredible flower arrangements anyone has ever seen. But, my favorite part, was {although I missed out on the wedding dress} the bride changed into what they called a 'dancing dress'. I decided that I would just have to snatch that idea for myself. Her's was poofy and had bows on the back of the sleeves and was pretty much just incredible.

But mine, I have decided, will look like this...
minus the hat and oxfords. {although i really want those oxfords too}

{and of course, I've forgotten the source, so please tell me if its yours, or if you know who's it is}

Isn't it beautfiul? Wouldnt it be great in a slightly modified form to dance in at your wedding? Sheesh. I say yes.

That is all the wedding inspiration I have to talk about today.
xo, Rosie

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