Thursday, July 22, 2010

the daring girls

{dont mind us, we're just looking super cute}

this is my friend Brooke.
she is very funny, plays volleyball, and likes indie music.

Brooke moved to Iowa about two weeks ago.

we used to do all sorts of fun things.
like pass off merit badges from our daring book for girls.
and go on adventures to the park to do funny things
like make daisy chains and ivy crowns.
and peach pit rings!
she was also my Alpine Days buddy.
Now who is going to go to Alpine Days with me!?

these days, all we do is be pen pals.
let me tell you...
playing was funner than pen-palling is.
although pen-palling isn't that bad.

but now that Brooke is gone, summer is hardly as fun as it was.
i miss her. i sure do.

the end.
xo, Rosie.

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