Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hip hip hooray for post number two! -post edit-

ta da! I told you I could be a good blogger if I just put my mind to it..

This is my first gif file I have ever made. It is of my face.

pimp myspace

to go along with that gif, I have compiled some questions about me, so we can play that game where you guess which one is the lie. Here are my questions:

-two or more eyes may have been harmed during the application of this blue eyeliner I wore today. in other words, there is blue liquid eyeliner in my eyes.

-i may or may not like those stupid glasses with clear lenses that dont have a prescription because I wear them like a) a headband and b) like they're cool.

I kid. They are all true.

eek! I really do have blue eyeliner in my eyes. That isn't where it belongs. It belongs lining your eye, not in it. But it's fine, the stinging has gone down since I wrote this.

what movie is this from : 'How's your neck?' 'It stings...'

I would give you the next line but it would give it away. comment with the answer and you win a high five!

And I have my reasons for liking those glasses. I have four pairs. It would have been five if someone in my art class hadn't stolen my awesome clear framed ones. I still suspect several culprits. Great news! My mama found me another pair just like them at UO, just when I thought they were no longer sold at that establishment! But really, I liked them before they were cool, I really did! I have proof!

However, no to the neon ones. and no to the ones with lenses poked out. they need lenses.

that's about it for today.

xo, R.

PS: the 3D movie glasses with lenses poked out.... worst thing ever. be a good citizen, recycle your glasses.


Kaitlyn said...

mmm, I’m not sure. Is it Napoleon?

Rosie said...

high five!