Wednesday, July 7, 2010

we love pink and blue.

It all started out as a post about what I wore today and my awesome D.I. finds, but when I was editing the photos, I found the most fabulous effect...!
look at that cotton candy pink and blue confection! Isn't it great! When I saw that effect as an option I thought 'this is the effect for me!' I really did.

I do understand that it is very bright though. Especially when combined with a pink and blue outfit. and by now, I am sure you are all blinded by pink and blue. So, I promise I wont use this effect so much anymore.
It just made me really happy for a second. It matched so perfectly!

moving on...

My mama and I ventured into DI yester-evening to see if there were any finds. When we actually started looking around, we found not one but three incredible pink skirts! One of which I am wearing today. And that is the story of the DI find.


but isn't it cute?
-outfit details-
blouse : miley cyrus for walmart
belt : j.crew
skirt : vintage, D.I.
shoes : four & twenty sailors
headband : free people
xo, r.


Sharon said...

Sooo happy I stumbled onto your make me smile :)

Jen said...

Just found your lovely blog! Very inspiring!