Thursday, August 19, 2010

happy birthday to me

ooh! would you like to see the video of my birthday party!? I knew you would...!
Pictures are coming soon!

xo, Rosie


Caroline Grace: said...

This is so beautiful, lovely, wonderful, and just...pretty!! You are the cutest. :) I love it!

Karen said...

Oh if only every day could be as cool as that! I'm so happy that you had a party that was perfectly made for you!!! Sorry I missed it! xoxo.

Kaitlyn said...

:) That one is happy because that looked like it was a success! and lots of fun!
:( This one is sad because I was D.C. and not there.

Anonymous said...


Haylee said...

K soo jealous right now. You're party was amazing!! I want your outfit, and that bike.