Monday, September 20, 2010

she's got a ticket to ride


photo of me, by me.
clearly, I am an excellent self-portrait-taker.
and are you loving those colors? I just know you are.
Dark green and teal are just my favorite!

I just stumbled upon my immense Beatles library and am listening to old songs that remind me of last summer. It's kind of sad, because even though its sunny and bright it doesn't feel like summer anymore. I wish it would just go straight to fall and not linger in this awkward stage of early September weather, which is no good.

I'd love to talk some more, but we all probably have better things to do, so I will go.
But have a good week! I think I am going to tea on Saturday which will be fun because I will dress up fancy, even if it's not required. But wait, fancy dress is always required at tea, right?

{I think so}

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