Friday, October 15, 2010

rosie dares to design


A while back I decided to enter into the Shabby Apple Dare to Design Contest, but of course didn't actually do it until the last day of the contest. Procrastinating is just what I do I suppose. But, I pulled something together in the nick-o-time, like always...

So, here is my Dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses!



I hope my drawings portray the dress sufficiently enough, because I promise the dress looks really pretty in my head! Here are color and inspiration boards....


I would love for the dress to be made out of various lightweight eyelets, with solid sleeves, in a crew of peaches and pinks. The ribbon, I imagine, would be perhaps a mutli-color stripe, but if not, any navy blue, hot pink, teal, or red would do. The skirt must be sufficiently full and garden party ready, but still everyday wearable. Knee length of course, and fairly deep V-necked (to be worn with under-layer). Lusciously ruffled neck/collar, of course. And... preferably worn with crazy high bun. (Haha, not really unless you want to. I probably would.)


I hope you think my dress is as lovely as I imagine it to be! 

Wish me luck!
XO Rose

Ps.... I'm off to New York in less than one week! Um... so excited!!