Monday, November 1, 2010

november brings good things.

let's just state the obvious here...

I really love the rather Tim Walker-esque Anthropologie catalog this month.

and the little piggies.

Speaking of Tim Walker... (surprise NewYork story hooray!)

We went to the Ralph Lauren stores on the last day, and up on the home decor floor, I perused the little book section and happened upon the Tim Walker Pictures book. I could have looked through the whole two-inch thick book of pics all day long. But we had a plane to catch. So instead, it's been added to my wish list. Seriously, it's awesome, what can I say?

bye for now lovies.


i'm jefra... said...

i LOVE that you know who Tim Walker is!

Ellinor Forje said...

I adore the above spread. Thanks for sharing the photos and come visit me too when you have time.


Alanna Cavanagh said...

Hi Rosie
I loved this Tim Walkerish catalogue too.
(And FYI there is lots of speculation as to whether he in fact shot it)
Thanks for posting the nice big pics.