Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Lately I've been really intrigued by video.

I've attempted to make short films, but, the only camera I have that takes video is a little point and shoot with terrible quality. However, someday I am determined to get a good video camera (any suggestions?) and make short film after short film. And maybe I'll share them with you when they're done.

Anyhow, here are some of my favorite short films that are really quite inspiring!

J. Crew Spring 2010

 {by : Drew Tyndell}

this again.
{by : ForYouLoveMe}

not short films exactly, but inspiring none the less...

more lisa mitchell. she's the best.

so anyways...
that is enough about videos for now.

there was supposed to be a 'blizzard' this evening and everyone got all excited and cancelled dance practices and afternoon college classes, and warned everyone to be off the roads etc.

I waited in my living room reading short stories with my dad for probably hours, and guess what happened!? nothing. no blizzard here.

happy turkey weekend!

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Haylee said...

oh my Lisa Mitchell. I am in love with her!
haha ya that "blizzard" was rediculous. I was so dissapointed, not gonna lie.