Sunday, December 19, 2010

THe NEW YORK DIARIES: University Continues.

and we're back with DAY 1 PART 2 of Teen Vogue Fashion University!

After class with the bloggers, I stepped out to meet with my mama and Karli, who had been perusing Times Square, to go eat some lunch. I was starving. We found a little french restaurant just across the street from the theater, and sat down to eat. They even said 'bon appetite' when they brought us our food! Hooray!

this is Karli. She is glamorous.
me and mom just struggle a bit with getting a good picture of the both of us.
After a delicious lunch break, it was time for class to start again, this time with....

Jenna Lyons
President and Executive Creative Director of J. Crew.
oh yes. J.Crew.

Looking just so glamorous in her sequins, stripes, camo, and Louboutins.

And since J. Crew is probably a favorite place of mine, I was pretty excited. As was mostly everyone. Ugh, I want to be her.

The best thing she taught us... follow through with your work, and work hard, it pays off!

next up and last class of the day, Modeling 101 with... 

Laura Bonomo, Teen Vogue Bookings Director 
and Conor Kennedy, of Muse NYC Agency

this was my view of the happenings at front. so...
My apologies, but it was the end of the day, and I admit I got a little drowsy back there. I may have even dosed off for two seconds. And, I don't really want to be a model so much, so I may have taken liberties with the opportunity for a little rest while I was perched in the back.

What I still learned however: A model is more than a pretty face! Personality and presentation are so important!

As I left the Conde Nast building for the last time of the weekend (hopefully not the last time for forever.) Look who I happened upon...

Spotted: Jenna Lyons. I walked out the door where the yellow leggings are walking out of, and Jenna is being surrounded, (look near the red coat.) I was so close! But alas, look at the crowd. I didn't want to add on to the scene, so as soon as I crossed the street I turned around and snapped a photo.

The last of Fashion U Day 1 coming your way tomorrow!

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