Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm pretty sure you are all tired of me talking about my ankle. But I have one last installment:

I'd like to introduce you to... 

(that is his name)

(Ol' Patriot and my cute Sperry's. and my cool rolled jeans.)

Ol' Patriot, is my frienemy.
He is my friend, because he is very supportive and reliable.
He is my enemy because, well, because of the reason I had to make his acquaintance in the first place.

He is not very photogenic, and he isn't that good of a dancer.
He is about an inch taller than all my other shoes, making for a very lopsided walk.

BUT, at least I can use my arms for carrying things now!
yay for ol' patriot.


(my brother came up with the name Ol' Patriot, 
with the guidelines of 'dorky, yet reliable.')


Kaitlyn said...

your brother is really good at making up names.
I mean, first Onion Sam and then Ol' Patriot? Man, he is full of gems!
I'd hire him.

Rosie said...

except for that Onion Sam was totally my idea.