Monday, January 24, 2011

lunch time at high school

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Right now, I'm sitting in the school library at computer #14 during lunch in between two people busily typing away on their keyboards. Too bad for me, the sound of typing is terrible to my ears. The only thing good about this situation is that Edgar Degas' The Star is hung just above lucky number computer 14, and I have a bag of Cheese-Its!

I'm pretty sure the girl next to me is reading this over my shoulder.

If I'm not the coolest high schooler you've ever seen, let me know.

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andria t said...

so i can completely imagine this...especially you trying to sneak a peek at them to see if they are looking but trying to pretend you aren't looking...oh what a vicious circle. Especially with the electrocuted librarian sneaking a peek over your shoulder as well.
the girl next to you was probably thinking, "How could I be sitting next to a famously gorgeous girl?" ha ha. oh tessa i love you, your lovely awkwardness, and your blog.