Thursday, February 10, 2011


I wish there weren't so many cars out but, snow+injury=limited location options.
So, I introduce you to the street. 

hello street. 
hello pink mountaineers. 
aren't you sweet?    

SHORTS: h&m, BLOUSE: Forever 21, SWEATER: BP Nordstrom, SHOES: Target, SOCKS: J. Crew, FLOWER-DOO: Handmade + vintage. LEGGINGS: unknown.

oh, and, hello crooked photos courtesy of Scout's artistic tendencies! what a kid.


l. c said...

I didn't notice the mountains until I read "hello pink mountaineers", and holy moly!! how beautiful!!!!

Miss P said...

Pretty, pretty please...tell me how you added in the cool "film" look on these. They are fantastic