Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'd like to thank the Academy!

Live update! 

not really. I just got back from watching the Oscars and have to say, I'm on a high for all those winners. 

I was super into it this year, and saw practically every movie with major nominations. Let me tell you.

I saw The Kings Speech which was exceptional (obviously, because it won best picture, best director, and best actor) I was rooting for it to win. I saw 127 Hours which was stressful to watch but well done. As well as Toy Story 3, which I don't understand why was nominated for best picture. I saw The Social Network which was well done too. As well as True Grit which I l-o-v-e-d, and maybe is my favorite along with The Kings Speech. I opted out of seeing Black Swan.

But, what's more important than all the movies I saw, is the red carpet. Of course. 
There were some lovely gowns out there this year, but my pick for best dressed, is 14 year old...

Hailee Steinfeld.

I'm mostly glad there is a young person out there that is actually very admirable. I will tell you why she is admirable to me. She a) played an age appropriate role that didn't dumb her down or make her too mature, she b) dresses very well and age appropriately, and c) she is actually quite a good actress (her first film got her an Oscar nom!)  She's my new favorite actress, along with Emma Watson and Carrie Mulligan (who are my other favorite actresses because of their admirability.) Haha, oh gee.

I really just want to be invited to the Oscars myself.
I was trying to figure out ways I could make that happen all night long...
(marry a movie star... do awesome costuming.... be a movie star?)

Well, my head is spinning (literally actually. I don't know why.)
So, more red carpet coverage tomorrow!



Sharon said...

She was phenomenal in True Grit wasn't she? I look forward to see where her future is taking her!

MandyFace said...

oh my love! its like, a human cupcake! so pretty!