Wednesday, February 23, 2011

now panic and just graduate.

That is what I keep telling myself. 

I have a lot to do regarding school, and it gets very overwhelming very fast. Mostly because it never stops and it's just day after day (two day weekend) day after day after day. I'm sure you know the feeling. Don't get too down though. I just listen to some S&G (simon & garfunkle, all the way) and go to bed early and its usually fine. PS: I posted about my new favorite movie, right over here, if you're interested.

and then, when I wake up and realize I didn't do a lot of things I should have...


PS: I am deciding to extend the Twisted Silver giveaway until TOMORROW, and have added a twist (no pun intended)! 

If you post about the giveaway on your own blog, you may have a second entry as long as you post a link in your next comment showing us your post

Baha, better odds! So, just go ahead and do that if you'd like, and tomorrow we will have our grande giveaway!! hip hip hooray!


oh so girlie academy said...

O.k., so I posted on my blog…but I am extremely technologically challenged, there for I don’t know how to post a link…but my blog is if you want to see the post… I am hoping the luck fairy is waiving her little wand for me!!!!!

MandyFace said...

i need that just graduate one. so bad.