Wednesday, March 16, 2011

clean it up, you!

Today after a less than thrilling day at high school, I decided to keep in stride with the belief that you are more productive when you keep your shoes on at home, and kept my shoes on at home. It was a good idea. One of the best I've ever had.

if only we could all have closets inside Versailles. {source}
The first step: pack up the laptop and hang it on the door. This way, there are no Pinterest or Facebook temptations. Then I started with a clean up of my clothes which is always the first thing to tackle but also a little tricky because sometimes I just want to play dress up and put all my clothes on instead of away.

After that, I decided to tackle the buckets lining my wall that have accumulated nothing good ever since school got out last summer. This was a good thing too! I found two of my favorite nail polishes, my two false glasses that I thought were long lost, a bunch of old Anthropologie magazines, and best yet, all my old research papers. (that's a lie, this was the worst part. I was no good at research papers back then.)

I felt productive.
However, I did succeed in putting off my math test review until even later which is a bad idea.

Keep your shoes on.
Do your math reviews.

XO Rosie

PS Go read some good things about fashion, right over here.

PS #2 I realize that all of you giveaway winners are probably wondering what happened to your winnings. I will tell you what happened to them, they are sitting on my desk waiting for me to pull it together and get some stuff done. They are really going to be shipped real soon! Promise!!

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Cody said...

Crapnation Rosie. Well I did what you said and I actually cleaned my room. Aaaaaand then I was too curious for my own good and wanted to know what pinterest was. So I just spent a good hour and a half looking and looking at pictures of beautiful clothing. I love it. But at the same time, I hate it. Oh goodness!