Saturday, March 5, 2011

harmonies and plinky banjos.

Growing up listening to A Prairie Home Companion on Sunday evenings, and the songs my parents used to play like John Denver and Alisa Fineman and things like that, I believe has led me to have a soft spot for folksy music.  

It's sweet, it's endearing, it's simple, and emotional.
It's slightly tragic but in an uplifted, humored way.

But I'm picky about my folk music and if it's too complicated or dreary or pretentious, I won't like it. 

Which is why my newest favorite song is Alas I Cannot Swim by Laura Marling.
It's sweet and it's simple and it's emotional. It is not too complicated or dreary or pretentious.

Have a listen...!

I have a small collection of folk music because I'm so picky about it,
but I do still like it, you know.
any recommendations?
and that is my tribute to folk music. huzzah!

PS i do not like country music. 
no thanks.

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