Wednesday, March 23, 2011


this is last year. it's not green yet this year.

Today wasn't half so bad as I thought it would be.
I had two finals today and a make-up test.

Back up.

Except for the part where I didn't really get A's on both of my finals... 
today wasn't half so bad as I thought it would be!

All my tests are o.v.e.r. now which deserves a party in and of itself.
I'm passing all my classes, term ends on Friday.
My bff came to school today and brought me lunch 
as I got all pumped about participating in this program.
I was greeted by sunshine and lollipops outside, 
and the smell of mowed grass for the first time in months!
I'm hoping I can get some lavender lemonade while I'm up in SLC today.
annd I get to sew for Young Women's this evening!
and I don't even have any homework tonight!

(except for interior design, but really, design boards don't feel like homework, now do they?)

Plus I broke out the summer-time playlists and it was pretty much 
just good feelings all around for you and your kin.

I hope you are all having a happy day too!
Who said this week wasn't shaping up to be fun!?


PS: There's some serious magic going on in the Ruche look book. 
Starting about page 69 is where I personally think it gets good. Go for it!


Ariel said...

Where do you get lavender lemonade in Salt Lake? I must know. That sounds divine!

Miss Gabe said...

Tis I that is your BFF Rose!!! Always such a delightfully charming and wonderful experience when I get to be with you and make another day of memories and inside jokes.

Now go say "Hi" to Patrick (that is the name I dubbed our meeting intruder) and invite him to read your blog, because "it's for anyone!" May or may not be giggling quite hard as I recall his awesomeness and type this to you...the answer is MAY. EEEeE MAY like May and Ellie, ahh gee BFF's for ev.

Luffing you this day and always!!

Amy said...

Will you share your summertime playlist ... or at least a sample?