Friday, March 11, 2011

little darling, i see the ice is slowly melting.

it's TheWeekend!
and because of that I have some sunny-honey-pictures for you and your kin!


big hats...

orange stuffs...

and swim suiting.

NOTE: I have tried my darndest to find the credits for the above photos. The only luck I've had is that the Emma Stone photo is saved as Mara Roszak on my computer. I do do believe in credit where credit is due, and with the Emma Stone making quite the rounds around Tumblr and such, I wanted to be sure the photo is being properly linked. If you know who took any of these, please let me know!

Thanks you!


that was fun-ish!

XO Rosie


Francesca said...

Really cool pictures, especially the last in the pool :)

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