Thursday, May 5, 2011

happy cinco de mayo folks

Hey bike, it's almost time for daily rides! Get the air pump set, get your wheels ready you!! It's been far too long!

-Long jeans in the school bathroom...
-How many times the girl next to me said "what the fetch!" in one sitting at the library
-How out of it I was after a little too long on the laughing gas... (at the dentist)
-Half of a numb mouth... and all that that entails. Like eating and speaking.
-The neighbor who decided he really wanted a snow cone, and so decided to express so to the apparent errand runner, quite out loud.  (see Awesome number five)


-The sunshine yesterday, the sunshine today
-My last math lesson for the year is next week
-It's bike weather
-Heating up an airhead for easier consumption (see Awkward number four)
-Sitting on the front porch in the sunny sun.
-song of the day

XO Rosie


Gentri said...

Hey Rosie. :) You always have the most beautiful things on your blog and so I gave you a lovely award over at my blog today! Hope you accept it.

Natasha Louise said...

Your blog is absolutely adorable!! new follower :)