Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm done with moody, Let's be glad!


-Whoever decided to sabotage the chicken sandwiches at lunch today by throwing in some ham and cheese with them. It made for an awkward lunch of eating a chicken patty with only the bottom half of the bun.
-The after stench in the science class room after biology's dissection unit... No no, that wasn't awkward, just awful.
-Having to say hello to teachers in the hallway.
-Walking behind a really slow super tall person in a crowded hall. It's what I imagine driving behind a super slow truck with no way to pass or see what's going on is like.
-How everything awkward happens at school.


-Jenna Lyons when asked if she feels she has to create clothes that the average american woman can buy... "I feel a sense of responsibility to make clothes that anyone can have and I don't think women are average, I think they're awesome."
-The Blind Contessa's New Machine, I'm less than half way through but the writing is so pretty.
- Snazzy shirts on sale!
- Newfound photo shop skills.
-The little brothers teaching me how to skate and play roller hockey. They're favorite part is telling me my skills are lacking. Old news boys, old news.
- EUREKA! Blue Skies For The First Time In Days!
 (yes those all deserve their capitalizations!!)

Lastly, I can't decide if this is awkward or awesome.

Have a nice Friday!

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Caroline Grace: said...

In my humble opinion:

Song - awesome.

Video - awkward.