Thursday, June 23, 2011

new shoes make the world go 'round

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Nothing beats a new pair of shoes and that is the truth of the matter.
These fine things in particular have a real wooden wedge that clips-and-clops when you walk. They also have velcro which is great for convenience and feeling like a youngin' once again.

no body likes pictures of other peoples bare toes - and that is the truth of that matter.
Today is terribly terribly hot. I didn't even know because I've been lounging around all day watching 17+ episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and only went outside to make a list of veggies growing in our church community garden (best idea anyone has yet to have) because I am generously making signs for them. I'm great at giving back to my community. Woo!

I think I got a sunburn from the 10 minutes I was outside.

I stayed up until... 3:30 last night because I couldn't go to sleep, then woke up at 11 which I h-a-t-e doing because I like mornings!! But so far this summer I've been on a stupid schedule of late nights and late mornings like every other teen out there and I feel very very off.

What else...

Pumped Up Kicks is an addictive song and I also cut my toe on accident and cried.

No one every admits to crying over slight injuries but I do because gosh darn it hurts.
Or maybe no one does cry... too bad kids, I certainly cried.

Now you are up to date on what my life has been up to these days, and as you can see, I've been super busy with all this stuff and I certainly don't have time to blog. Now excuse me, I have to go watch more people buy wedding dresses.

XO Rosie

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