Saturday, June 18, 2011

a post of inspiration

 Well folks, I'll be honest. Summer has gotten off to a weird start. It's not as fun as I remembered last summer, I think that's my problem. I was expecting last summer to start up again, and the truth of it is is that last summer is over and now it's this summer and not every summer can be the best one ever. But there are perks. For example, doing a jazz dance, becoming a licensed driver (almost), going to mock interviews due to DYW, shoe shopping due to previously mentioned DYW.

Oh but I digress. This post is titled 'a post of inspiration' and that paragraph was uninspiring. These pictures however...

...are inspiring, if I may say so myself. Because everyone likes the glow of a good party from afar. Especially me.


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Kaitlyn said...

Congratulations on being an almost legal driver!

Good work.