Friday, July 8, 2011

Once upon a time, I went to Mood...

You know, that place that makes an appearance on Project Runway every once in a while, and is now a staple destination of Project Runway loving New York tourists...

I petted a famous dog. 

I stood by the Fancy Lace. With my mama.

I smiled a cheeky grin.

I got my eyes to close half-way.

I did it twice, for good measure.

And then I smiled a cheeky grin once again.

And then...

I took a picture with Casanova!!
(Remember him??)

He may or may not have been on the phone in that picture.

true story.

ps: this all happened way back in October. but I had to quick and share before the next season came out and Casanova was all but forgotten. (PS: the new seasons starts on the 28th!!! countdown starts now.)


Haylee said...

Casanova!! Oh my goodness gracious I'm jealous. He could never be forgotten, his designs maybe but him and his awesome accent? Never. :)

Summer said...

Count. Down. YAY! Swatch the dog and sassy-grandmother-designing Casanova!?! LUCKY!

Ariel said...

Can't wait for the next season! So jealous that you went to Mood. Every time I try to find fabric in Utah I feel defeated and dream of Mood. Ha.