Saturday, July 30, 2011

time to be distinguished

this is me in my interview outfit.

more glamorous shots of me being distinguished after the jump... yay!

three cheers for captions!

opening number moves

being physically fit.

most unflattering picture of my talent. which is dancing. 

this is called 'self expression'
read about the miracle surrounding that dress there, here.

fake wining during rehearsal. 

here are us all.

best bff and 'backstage mom' ever.

here are us, again.

then I won and it was good times all around.

these are me cousins.

this here is my family.

these are the other winners and the directors.

thats my elder brother.


et mon mere et pere.
So here's how Distinguished Young Women goes down...

1: You have an interview with judges the night before. See picture of me in blue dress.
2: On stage you preform in the following categories...
     Fitness, Talent, Self Expression
3: Fitness entails doing choreographed pushups, jumping jacks and the like, on stage and looking cute    while you're at it. Actually just displaying endurance, muscle tone etc...
4: Talent entails doing a talent. Some girls did piano, harp, monologues, and dancing. I was a dancer. I danced to Judy Garland's The Trolley Song.
5: Self Expression entails wearing a fancy cocktail dress, walking in heels, and then pulling a question while backstage and proceeding to go on stage to answer said question. I had to talk about being studious.
6: Then you sit backstage while judges deliberate on those categories as well as your interview and a scholastic score. See photo of girls sitting on floor in fancy dresses.
7: Then you go out and stand on stage while awards are given in each category. The categories I won are Fitness, Interview, and Self Expression.
8: Then there are three overall winners and I was one and it was good times all around!
9: Winning entails getting to be in the town parade, and then also going on to compete at the state level in January. Woohoo!

and that is how its done.


Katy B. said...

Oh, how fun! Congratulations on being the best!

P.S. Your long hair is gorgeous.

Rachel said...

Way to go Rosie!

Karen said...

You are the only girl I know who can look stunning while dancing with a top hat, answering nerve wracking questions, and doing mens push-ups...on front of an audience! A true feat my Rosie one! A true feat! I am so proud of your amazing display of poise and courage while under duress! You have greatness in you and it's a true joy to watch it grow. I love you.

Ps, you forgot to mention that you won scholarship money as well! You may not realize it now, but that's a big deal!

Everyday Sparkles said...

Congratulations gorgeous girl! I stopped by Dear Lizzie last night and was telling your mom how charming you and your blog are. I didn't know I could see more photos, but glad she told me. Love your dresses!!! That dance dress is amazing!

p.s. Tell your Mom that I loved talking with her and all my loot! Nothing like Dear Lizzie loot. I forgot a few things I need to come back for. It is all so pretty.

elizabeth kartchner said...


of course you won... you amazing girl you!

so happy for you! xoxo