Saturday, July 16, 2011

You're a wizard Harry!!

At this exact moment last night I was in a theater after waiting four hours in a parking lot with... Hagrid?

{picture coming soon, my apologies}

I don't think it's sunk in yet that that whole era is really over. It's too sad to think about!!
I do certainly think that was the only movie that will ever be worth going to at midnight. People were laughing and cheering and all dressed up and super into it all, and it was good times all around, even when the theater was full of sniffles.

Highlights included Neville being awesome and various awkward Voldy moments.
...and there was also this one time while we were waiting in line that me and my plus one were maybe playing with the yellow plastic tape keeping us in line, and then accidentaly snapped it, and then my brother (unknowingly) said "Woah people got so crazy they broke the tape!" Those crazies...

But really, the movie was so dang good.

Here's a song to commemorate!
{you don't have to watch the video - just listen with your ears}

"what a wonderful boy..."

PS thanks to Lindsey for including that tune in the mix :)


Kiersten said...

I haven't seen it yet because I've been working. But I also can't believe that it's over....Harry has been around for over half my life.
<3 Kiersten

sophie1994 said...

That song is probably my new favorite thing! :D