Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello Out There!

Sometimes blogs feel like you are talking to yourself. This can be dangerous because you may say things that you might say only to yourself, only they aren't only to yourself they are out loud to a lot of people. It's hard to know though, because all the writer sees is '158 followers' or '1 comment'. This can be misleading, and I know because I don't 'follow' or 'comment' on all the blogs I read daily.

With that, I am conducting a survey. It's really easy. It's just a click of a button or copy & paste to let me know you're out there and you read this here post. Here's how:

1} you may copy & paste this exact phrase: "I have read this post!" into a comment.
2} you may say something clever, funny, and/or witty in the comment to let me know that you "have read this post!"
3} you can click the poll over on the side (that large yellow arrow will direct you). Probably the option that says: "I have read this post!" will be the best.
4} or you can click the option that says: "I have not read this post" if you are looking for a more clever, more funny, and/or more witty option.

But you have to choose only one of those four options, because if you do more then I will get a misleading count. And with this, I hope to get a better perspective of who I am writing these little post-its to.



Anonymous said...

i read. everyday.

kelsterjean said...

I read, voted, all of the above. {And I love the little bit at the top, telling the macaroons to get out of the way, too funny!}

Anonymous said...

I have read this post, and I think you are absolutely lovely.

Sarah jo


Kiersten said...

I like this idea, Rosie! For example, I know that I have 24 followers (although blogger insists on telling me I have 27), but on any given day I'll have between 0 and 9 page-views and, if I'm lucky, 1 or 2 comments.
I'd love to know who I'm writing to, because it'll motivate me to write better posts more often.
So anyway.... I read this post!!!
<3 Kiersten

Chelsie Clarke said...

These are words of actual correspondence! You are writing, I am receiving! Along with hundreds of others, I am nearly sure of it. :P


Deb said...

I read and love your blog and your sweet self.

Ariel said...

Ha. Isn't blogging such a funny little thing that way? I read. All the time :)

Al said...

read it :)

Haylee said...

I have read this post.

Kaleigh said...

"I have read this post!"