Friday, October 28, 2011

yes list : 3 : post edit!

It's that time of time again...
Hello Yes List!

nasty halloween-themed color pallette seen here.

yes to curls that stay in all day
yes to extra skinny strands of pearls
yes to hi-low skirts
yes to new york city

no to trips that are too short
no to school

always no to school


ps: I just thought I'd acknowlege the part about my Yes Lists where I've noticed some other blogs posting them as well. I'm not so advanced to do some link-it-up sort of program, so I'll just ask that if you decide to blog a yYes List too (and why would you not, it's obviously a great idea ;) please leave a nice little comment on this here blog, and pretty please leave a link in your post to the origins of the Yes List (of which is me.)
Merci mon amies!

pss: So it turns out that those link-it-up programs aren't so advanced as they at first seemed.  Over to your right you'll find a tapestrip that reads "The Yes List". If you click on that you can link up your own Yes Lists! and I'd be so glad if you would!
Merci mon amies!


Natasha said...

Dear Rosie,

Thank you for continually charming me with your sweet blog. My eyes are continually delighted by the delicatly pleasing colours, photographs and words that fill your blog.

Your maturity goes well beyond your years and I am continually amazed by your insights and opinions towards life as well as how strongly you know who you are.

Thank you for treating me with such sweet posts and allowing me to see a glimpse of your world.



Jennoelle said...

Ahh, yes yes and yes. Love your list. I add: yes to dancing. (:

Leah Marie said...

I’m going to do a yes list! I’ll link back to your blog. It’s just so happy. :)

By the way, I love your blog. So adorable!


Mikayla said...

I wrote my own here:
(: excellent idea.