Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decembre is December in French (who would have guessed, right!?!)

Oh. Boy.

It's been a while since my last post you say? Don't be silly, it's only been like two weeks.

OkOk. Lots has happened in those two weeks, the most pressing matter being this:

My time as a blogger for BP Nordstrom is finally up!
I've been doing that thing for two years. 
(an exceptional span. considering the normal turn is one year.)
((i got chosen twice.))
I finished my last post last week, you can see it here.
My archives are there too, as well as here. Just in case.

I'm not going to lie, I sure miss that little gig already. But it isn't only an end of an era, it's also the beginning, and a lucky one for you too. I've decided to start posting more fashion on this here blog!! Wahoo! Really. You wouldn't believe how huge of a roll clothes play in my life, especially with how little I blog about them. I mean, lets be honest, they are all over my life and also my room.
So, you may now start expecting a fashiony related post at least twice a week. there's that!

xo rosie.

ps: did you guys even know it was december already? I didn't. I wished someone a happy birthday eve today when it was actually their real birthday. how embarrassing. and on her 1st birthday too...

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Miss Gabe said...

So embarrassing! Thank heavens the victim of this December mishap loves you too much to care. She also knows your mind is slipping due to your age.

Hooray for two years of BP-ing by the way. The most moving fashion articles I've ever read...all those times I read it.