Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"I've seen this blundered up so many times it gives me the heart failure"

It's 12:35, yes it is, but I know that if I don't take care of this here post it won't be done for the next three weeks probably and then I might be worrying some of you dears. 

It's probably strange to say that I was super busy over my two week Christmas break. Well, I may not have been too busy, but I was certainly otherwise occupied. The this now though is that I'm going to be extra otherwise occupied these next few weeks with the end of term (plenty of makeup work) and the state level of Distinguished Young Women this month. What I mean to say is that you probably won't hear from me for a while so don't go worrying, because I will be back. A brand new me will be back. I can already feel it. 

To hold you over here is a list of things in list form:

-I watched Midnight In Paris at long long long last and serious loveitsomuch. 
Especially the music, oh boy oh boy.

-I got an iPhone. What? Yes kids. 
Instagram is sort of my new blog, follow it: rosie0h 

-That O is a 0, it sort of happened accidentally, all the good usernames were taken.

-2012 is going to be mounds better than 2011 and I know that for straight up fact. 
I can tell by the way my checklists have been getting very checked even in these first three days.

-It was over 50 degrees here today. I windows-down drove today. 
Utah, did you ever hear about how you're supposed to be the greatest snow on earth!? 
Not cool (no pun intended).

- There is just too much to do, and I know that for a straight up fact as well.

-I hope you had a merry holiday and a happy new year.
I will catch you fine folks in a few
...weeks? days?
I don't even know myself.

stay tuned

{ title from the song Sweet Jazz Music by Jelly Roll Morton from the Beginners soundtrack, a new fave }
check out the awesome shape the formatting of this post makes. yes yes yes.

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