Tuesday, May 22, 2012

goodness. gracious.

the above picture was made by me. and may i ask that you please don't pin it.

it's not really that i still fancy him anymore,
it's just that i feel bad that when i had the chance i may have instead made
 him think i didn't like him at all.
and that's not true.

let people know you like them.

that doesn't always mean the boys you fancy, it just means everyone.
it's always one of my biggest regrets when i feel like i didn't express 
to someone how much i appreciate or admire them.

i've decided that the most important thing i would want anyone to know, 
is to be nice to everyone. be outwardly nice. be overtly nice. tell people, don't just think it.
because it's never creepy and it's never off-putting when someone is nice to you,
so why not be nice to everyone?

i bought a book at an antique store #1 because it was pink and gold and blue and #2 because it's called Keys to Happiness. i don't usually read the old books i buy, but one night i decided to read the Keys to Happiness, because if you had the Keys to Happiness by your bed wouldn't you read it too? i opened it at random, and now that i'm looking for the passage again i can't find it, but it said something to the effect of there being some sort of high-powered man who's greatest trait was that he could make even his quietest dinner guest leave feeling like they contributed something great to the world, all because he paid attention and involved the person's input. and i thought to myself, "that is the most important thing."

the most important thing is to be selfless. 

it's not to work to include yourself, it's to work to include others. it's to tell people "i think you're pretty great!" it's to respond politely and positively to the people around you. it's to put others at ease and make them feel like you appreciate and notice them. 

it just is!

i don't do this very well myself. it can be especially hard when you might not feel at ease or appreciated or noticed or admired yourself. but i'm really trying to learn, and you can learn too, that you have the power to be the person who is nicest, who is selfless, 
and who let's people know you like them.

and hey guess what! 
i think you guys are pretty great.

XO Rosie

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