Monday, May 28, 2012


hello world as it's known through this blog,

tomorrow I walk in my graduation ceremony, and therefore end my high school experience.
the only one I'll ever have.
the one that I thought forward to this day everyday during.

graduation is early in the morning tomorrow, and I'm trying to decide what to do tonight to commemorate... go to bed early? watch a movie? sit and think? 
and then I had this great idea to write a blog post. and here we are.

so I guess I'll say this:

au revoir, high school.
graduation is tomorrow.
the only high school graduation I'll ever get
for the only high school experience I'll ever get.

and it's just like that.
XO Rosie


Hannah said...

congrats! i graduate from high school in about three weeks! i can't wait for college!

Haylee said...

Congrats Rosie!!