Thursday, July 5, 2012

call me winnie.

a week or so ago, i drove up to Salt Lake (on the freeway by myself for the first time (yes i got off on the wrong exit.)) to have a little photo shoot with a girl i know from school who's name is Andria, because she takes pictures. we were going for a Tuck Everlasting type thing. and I got those gorgeous peonies to make a flower crown, which is hard to do when you're crouching on a dirt slope in a white dress. I mostly couldn't keep a straight face for longer than five seconds due to slipping around on said dirt piles, and the general awkwardness that comes with taking pictures with friends. but i still think we managed to pull something off, yes?

xo Rosie

behind the scenes after the jump:


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AndstrzTlftrz said...

HAHAHA I am so glad you put these up