Tuesday, July 31, 2012

it's not about you (but it is).

i went to a concert last week. and i'm going to one on friday.
so i asked

who are concerts "about"?

are they about us, the audience?
are they about them, the band?
are they about you, yourself?
are they about everyone else but you?

i think that
for you, they're about you.
and for me, they're about me.

because it's about enjoying your own company,
in the middle of hundreds of other people.
because you aren't enjoying those people,
but you wouldn't be enjoying yourself half as much
without them.

no one cares what you wear.
and when it comes down to it,
you don't care what anyone else wears.

the band can't see you.
they can see everyone, but they can't see anyone.

you can just hear each other.

but they couldn't hear just you.
because they hear everyone.
but they wouldn't hear anyone,
if not everyone shouted
and clapped
and jumped
and sang.

so really, concerts are about you.
but they're not.
they're not about anyone.
they're about everyone.

and in the end all that matters is that you go home feeling awesome.
because live music makes humans feel awesome
and that's just the bottom line.

you pickin' up what i'm putting down?
XO Rosie

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