Monday, July 16, 2012


let's not analyze my nasty hair + sweater combo on that day, the next stop was the airport.
and i actually liked the colors of this one.... it's white. i liked the white colors of this one.

When I was in New York last fall, I thought the MoMA was a big fat bore. "Oh look, it's all super sleek, minimal, and 'meaningful'. Great job everyone." is what I thought in my head while we walked through {pictured above} and "I don't find moody photography very captivating after a while." as I fell asleep on a bench in the bookstore section. However, I did find one piece that I was astonished by that I didn't think I'd react much over.

 Have you ever seen a Pollock in real life? Gee whiz, if there's a piece to go on your "things to see in real life" list, a Pollock would be one. I mentioned this in my art history class, but I don't think my teacher quite shared my same enthusiasm about it.

I debate whether I should tell you why or not because I might make it sound underwhelming, so I'll say this: it's dimensional. And it's huge. And you can stick your face right by it and think "Jackson Pollock put this paint right here! He made this, Jackson Pollock cared about this and so he made it! And now here I am sticking my face by it, like millions of others, would he like that?" (they don't let you do that with Starry Night, although that one is just monumental, so see that one too.) and then you notice how different it looks so up close and how maybe splattered paint is more than splattered paint. (but of course it is, we should know that by now.)

So let me tell you, when you go to the MoMA and are thinking about falling asleep in the bookstore section, go visit Pollock before you do,
and let me know what you think.
XO Rosie

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Karianne said...

I haven't been to MoMA, but my family and I visited Tate Modern in London a few years ago. Honestly, it was so boring I couldn't wait to leave and just come outside to London's rainy weather again.

Well, one positive aspect is that I found out modern art just isn't my thing. Next time I'll rather spend a day at Victoria & Albert.