Thursday, August 2, 2012

things i'm missing about summer.

not every year can be a great year, am i right? for example you can't have a really fun birthday when you're sixteen and then have a really fun birthday when you're seventeen too. there's ups and downs.

the summer between sophomore and junior year was really fun. it was the first time i actually liked summer itself. i spent time outside and listened to the music which will always remind me of summer forever more. i loved the road trip we took and i loved the bright bright sun. 

this year (and last year for that matter), i've been waiting for another summer like that. nothing particularly exciting, but just enjoyable. however, it just hasn't reprised itself. 

this summer i miss riding my bike around town all the time 
i miss eating bread and cheese and fruit in the evenings
i miss the beach
i miss the right summer songs
i miss spending lots of time outside
i miss wearing sunglasses every time i go out
i miss walking to the snow cone stand
i miss fireworks
i miss green mountains
i miss walking down the creek in bare feet...

is it just because we're growing up?
XO Rosie

photos are way old from my computer files, so good luck finding a source.

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Steelo & Stella said...

I tried to leave a comment before, I hope a million of the same one don't suddenly show up! Those are beautiful pictures and I actually know where the flower one is from. It is from another lovely blog called A Field Journal