Monday, September 3, 2012

things about september and life.

let me start by telling you all how weirded out i am by the fact that it's september. it makes me all sorts of confused and dismayed. the only thing i have to console myself is little snippets of pretty things from pinterest... as usual. here we have a bit from the movie Hugo, a pretty picture that makes fall look appealing, an awesome dress + bike combo, an insanely gorgeous wedding dress, a herringbone skirt, and a fishtail half-pony that I'm jealous of. and then there at the bottom is a song you could listen to if you wanted. there's been a lot of mumford & sons playing up in here, probably because they just sort of  have that "it's overcast outside, let's drink it in" sound.

now about real life: i start a new job this week, and when i say that i feel like a real grown-up. sheesh! not to mention the fact that now i say things like "i only have class every other day" and "how many credit hours is that worth?" and "i need to go do 700+ hours of homework, so..." however, i do unashamedly admit how relieved i am that i'm not hanging out in a dorm by myself right now. hallelujah for living at home!

i hope your week is off to a nice start, and i hope your september is too.
XO Rosie

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Cody McWilliams said...

So... I'm living in my dorm alone and can I just tell you that it's kinda sucky. So good choice staying at home ha. p.s. I'm super jealous of your last concert attendance. Like really super jealous.