Wednesday, October 31, 2012

all hallow's eve and such.

happy halloween you guys!

considering that the fact that i got a new toothbrush is the most exciting thing about my halloween this year, you could say i'm pretty stoked about today. so here are some spooky halloweeny inspirations and music for you to enjoy and I hope you all have some super fun super spooksy halloween trickeries tonight. i think the top picture is my fave...

annd what would halloween be without Lula Magazine's Spell!?
(or rather what would Lula Magazine's Spell be without halloween?)

last but not least, i just spent way too long trying to figure out how to share music on blogger and decided I'll just have to leave you with a typed list instead. i know, i know... six songs is really just not enough to constitute a good folksy-halloween playlist, but it's all i've got right now, okay.

Costume - The Mollie's
Jagadamba, You Might - First Aid Kit
Animal Tracks - Mountain Men
20 Years - The Civil Wars
Shankhill Butchers - Sarah Jarosz
Annabelle Lee - Marissa Nadler

so... this post is done.
XO Rosie

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