Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear 2012,

First of all, I am glad you are over.

You were pretty hard on me mostly because change is hard on me, but it seemed to be your favorite thing. I graduated high school, started college, got a real job, finished my first term of college, finished my first real job, and here I am on the verge of moving out and starting at a new college. I guess some good things happened, like going to New York again and taking AP Art History, and finding an awesome vintage swimsuit, and getting the Sunday before Christmas off of work, and other stuff like that. But it's in the past and all we can do is learn, yes?

In 2013 I think my goal is going to be "to be chill." To let whatever happens, happen. To go with the flow, to follow that quiet voice, to simplify. (To try not to cry at the dorms too much). To work hard at school, but mostly to learn, to really actually learn as much and whatever I can. To let things go, to be open, to set myself free from worrying.

And this is going to be my motto:

I think we (me and you, whoever you may be) should make a little pledge for 2013. It will go like this, "I pledge to..." and then you put whatever you want in there. Sound good? Okay, like this:

I pledge to be simple, I pledge to be kind, I pledge to be positive, I pledge to be earnest, I pledge to work hard, and I pledge to rest. I pledge to take a chance. I pledge to take care. I pledge to have faith. I pledge to be open. I pledge to learn. And I pray to understand.

This pledge is different from resolutions because I also have those, too. They are things like practice banjo every week, take ballet class for the love of it and also to get back in shape, keep my room clean, write more letters and read a lot of books, make more art, only listen to happy music, and practice speaking French. 

Last but not least, in 2013, I want to go somewhere awesome. I want to travel. ...Just putting that out there.

So, 2012, you see that? You are over but it's quite okay with me because I have 2013 to get to.

Happy New Year to you!
XO Rosie

ps: I should also let you know that this post is a break in a two week "media fast" I've been doing for the good of my brain and soul. I'll be done around January 6th to tell you all about it, and to perhaps get back into blogging again.

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