Friday, January 11, 2013

a brief introduction to dorm life

the first dream i had while sleeping in the dorms was that the authorities came in and took away my Lula magazines. it was really rude of them, and i woke up afraid that i'm not allowed to have magazines in the dorms. if that's so, i quit. but it was just a dream, so don't worry, i just gave those Lulas a big hug when i got up.

i walked to french class this morning, and unfortunately for us all my snot froze right in my nose. (tmi? but that's what college is about!) i think you could say 0 degrees is officially too cold.

the difference between moving out and going away to camp or something, is that people don't tell you what to do when you move out. you can shower when you want. eat when (and what) you want. wear what you want. do what you want. listen to what you want. and no one makes you go canoeing or makes you haul a handcart across the middle of no where. plus you have a meal card that's basically endless moneybags for whatever your little tongue-heart desires. (i somehow managed to not get any dinner last night though...) and best of all...

my heart is not homesick.

at least for now,
we'll wait for homework
before determining anything.
XO Rosie

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Mallory said...

cute decor. cute dress.