Friday, March 15, 2013

amy leach writes beautiful things.

i had no idea who amy leach was until noon today when i attended a reading of hers at school. and i'm so glad i've found her. i wish i could post everything she's written (but i can't) and although i would love so much to share the entire piece that is "Comfortless", i also can't. so i leave you with my favorite part and encourage you to read everything amy leach has written. including her book and even her interviews (the way she describes texas, amiright?)
"I will wake up as Chocolate-mint Person, I will stumble to the door, unhappily attracting sand and feathers on the way; I will stand on the lawn; I will look up at the stars and bleat, "Stars! I am having trouble with my comforter! You are so serene! How can I be serene like you?" They will look at each other knowingly, for they have answered this question millions of times. And then they will twinkle back to me, "Person, you will never be like a star. Things for you will always float away and spill and melt. The closest thing to serenity for you, is laughing." I will recognize this as true. I will stand there, just another sandy, feathery, chocolate-mint person laughing on the lawn."
excerpt from "Comfortless" by Amy Leach 
magic, right?
XO Rosie

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