Tuesday, March 5, 2013


my first exposure to Passion Pit was circa 2009 when The Reeling was included in the first free playlist i ever downloaded from urban outfitters. i thought it was pretty cool and Sleepyhead proceeded to become one of my jams ever since. other past encounters with Passion Pit grew to include mix cd's and cool boys dancing to it in high school math class. 

they were supposed to play last summer at the twilight concert series but cancelled, crushing mine and (my little brotha) River's dreams. I had unwittingly gotten River super hyped up (he even claimed they were his favorite band ever) only for The Let Down of Summer 2012.
So, for Christmas we wished for tickets and luckily we're lucky and looky what happened. 

i hope you'll enjoy the 13 seconds worth of footage i managed to get before my phone memory filled up and ruined my life. its still a pretty killer little clip, no?

Matt & Kim were surprisingly killer. not that i wasn't looking forward to them, i just didn't have any expectations so when they did things like be hilarious / play dubstep in between their songs and dance / stand on the bass drum / stand on the audience / do the harlem shake, it was pretty much just way cool.

i could bore you all with plenty of details regarding things like annoying fellow concert-goers, the best songs, jokes they made, bubble machines, merch tables, record-breaking levels of sweatiness and jumping so hard/singing so loud that i'm still sore, but for all of our sakes i'll just wrap up with this playlist of favorites and leave you all to enjoy.

XO Rosie

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