Thursday, June 20, 2013

bye, goodbye, au revoir!

well well well, it is goodbye at last.

Yes I know I just posted about blogging more and that is not a lie, I'm just here to tell you I will be blogging somewhere else! It is called Rosie Loves Rococo and it is all ready for your perusing, and would really enjoy the company.

With that, I must bid farewell to Everything is Rosie. This blog has been good to me indeed, but times are a-changin', and by times I mean I'm not in high school anymore, and it's nice to get a fresh start, is it not? 

Select posts will be transferred from these archives to the new blog, and there is a new url which you'll automatically be redirected to after today, so say your official farewells now!

au revoir Everything is Rosie, I really do love you!
bonjour Rosie Loves Rococo, I really will love you!

xo, Rosie

1 comment:

Rosie said...

Truth is - I love everything you love - seeing the world through your eyes is fabulous! Always has been... YAY for new adventures... xoxo