Tuesday, June 4, 2013

this post has no pictures so just prepare yourself for that.

well hello there friends!! 

It has been a while has it not? What like two or three months? Ah whatever, you had that Prada video to tide you over until this point and if you asked me I'd say "you're welcome".

For any of you that have been a-wonderin' about what is going on over here the answers are these:

At the end of April I completed a 22 credit semester, split between two universities, and while it was completely consuming of my energy and time, I would not describe it as hard. A doozy, yes, but hard, no - however, that will be a post of it's own soon. After school was out I spent pretty much all of May thinking about questions in my brain and doing basically nothing. Questions like "what is life" you know, those really hard hitters. I didn't achieve really anything at all but I did come to some awesome anxiety inducing existential reflections which led to a couple weeks spent in a sort of walking-comatose state. Now, this all sounds nice and dramatic, I know, but lets be honest. If you weren't thinking of such big life-altering questions after your first year of college then I don't know what kind of college you went to because college makes you think about some pretty serious life-altering questions. Most pressingly and perhaps most common, I would argue, is the following: What Am I Going To Do With My Life exclamation-question mark!? Speaking plainly, I have not answered this question yet. Besides, that is not what this post is about. But this question, while leading to other revelations about other things, also lead me to think long and hard about blogging.

I sat for the entirety of May writing and re-writing, designing and re-designing, planning and re-planning all sorts of elements for my blog while simultaneously feeling absolutely furiously frustrated that I care about blogging at all. I'm the social media addict that hates social media and this is the truth. Frankly, I've found it to be a silly endeavor overall. However! I simultaneously and fully recognize the necessary evil it is to being a successful and normal human being in this day and age; particularly when said human being is interested in careers pertaining to journalism and/or fashion. A necessary evil I tell you. And all of these questions and plannings and necessary evils have put me at a cross-roads when it comes to the future of my blogging career.

The good new is, I've decided to continue blogging!
The better news is, I've decided to do it right!

There are countless posts in the world, I'm sure, claiming the following: sorry I haven't been blogging very often, this time I promise I'll be better. When the truth is this: no blogger is bound to their blog just as no reader is bound to a blog. We can all read and write what we want and when we want, that is the one beauty of social media. And while the less-human side of social media demands we be creating constant streams of information for any awaiting audience to consume at any moment, this is not actually what social media is for nor should be for. Coming to this understanding as either a blogger or a reader or a human is a very liberating moment. It is coming to this understanding that has cleared the way for me to continue my blogging endeavors and to write the following manifesto, which I will share with you so we are all on the same page:

I am going to continue my blogging career in pursuit of fulfilling my creative, artistic, and journalistic yearnings in a way that represents what I stand for and what I do and creates a positive and inspiring environment for any reader that should happen upon said humble blog.

and also because yolo.

So to put a rather unceremonious ending to a really rather involved post, I will leave you with the well-known, conclusive yet hopeful phrase, "see you around".


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