Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi, I'm Rosie and I like weddings.

For those of you who dont know me, Ive decided to include some fun facts about my personal intrests, right here! Ready?


- I love Paris. that one should become obvious soon enough.

- I dance.
Long story, but lets just say that I've found my place now, and am having a grand old time.

-I love food that is bad for your health.
for example, cupcakes. chocolate chips. soda pop. and these cool things called chewy peps. basically a peppermint now and later in the form of a little pink striped candy.
and peachie-o's!

-However, some healthy foods I do enjoy are...
rolled dates. and veggie crisps. and sugar snap peas.
but wait, maybe i only like those because they say sugar...

lets continue.

- I love weddings.
I love weddings
have you heard?
I love weddings.

-I want a pony.
really, i do. Karli made me want one after she told me all about hers. Now I want a pony myself. and a baby rabbit with floppy ears!

- Sometimes, on a good day, I wear lipstick.

- I am one of four, five? lucky teen bloggers for the BP Juniors department at Nordstrom.
you can find a link to that blog, on the sidebar located to your right.

-Some of my favorite places in the world include but are not limited to...
Pleasanton, CA
San Fransisco, CA
Huntington Beach, CA
Seattle, WA
and Paris, France.

- No, I've never been to Paris. But i did tell my mom the other day, that what would make me the most happiest in the world would be if we went to Paris. I even said I wouldnt ask to buy anything there. I would just want to be there. Actually, she would have to buy me a plate of macaroons. And a ticket to the ballet. thats all.

- I am eating the most delicious brownie I have ever had, right this second.

- I have three siblings that I will refer to as N, R, and S.... oh so gossip-girl-esque

- I sometimes make S help me take pictures. He is really good. For example, the picture above, was taken by him. Lets keep in mind he's not yet in 6th grade. He is a star.

- Favorite stores/designers include but are not limited too...
J. Crew
Chanel {the real thing people.}
Erin Fetherston
and a few others.
I'm not really so consistent, I usually just like single collections more than I like entire designers.

- You could say I collect Vogues. I dont think I've thrown one away since last year. At least not on purpose.

-I think you are done reading about me for today. So, I will now let you tell me about yourselves! Dont be shy, leave a comment! Or, become a follower! Because, you can never have too many of those!

Have a happy day.
xo, Rosie.


KEH said...

you are too cute for words!

Karen said...

Let's hurry and go to Paris! Quick before I oublie all of my French! x.x.