Sunday, July 4, 2010

let freedom ring!

watch this and be stunned with red white and blue, and confetti...

Here is my slightly borderline unpatriotic music video as a tribute to this july the fourth.
It is patriotic in respects of the styling, but if you listen very carefully you will realize she sings 'I'm obsessed with the mess that's America'. I personally think she is referring to the fame and glamour aspects of it all. Not the country really itself. But take it how you'd like, I suppose. I just think its a really great video with lots of glittery red white and blue, and a catchy song. Never mind the lyrics!

I hope you all had a great holiday! I sure did because the magazine came out yesterday and it was all just such a thrill! {If you didn't hear, I was featured in Utah Valley Magazine.} A post for that is in the makings, I'm sure! And, I didn't even sound dorky like I did in the yearbook this year!

{They asked me what I thought of the fashion at school. My first reaction was, 'what fashion?' but instead it came out as 'everyone kind of dresses the same.' Exact quote. And then I thought 'did I just say that out loud for the whole school to read?' I don't want to talk about it.}

Moving on.

Happy Fourth!
Have fun with your sparklers, those are the best, and fireworks.
Did I ever tell you that I want fireworks at my wedding?
I want a lot of things at my wedding.

xo, Rosie.


Kaitlyn said...

do you remember when we sang this in art? and then i painted it on my little paint holder thing (i forgot what it’s called..palette maybe?) anyways.. GOOD TIMES!
youre a cool bestie

Rosie said...

haha, yes. those were good times. except for that part about art class being terrible. i think that conversation started like this 'oh! ..... i am not a robot!' GOOD TIMES!

you are a cool bestie too.
except when you are in california
and you abandon me.

its fine. I'll live.

pilatesmommy said...

YOu are so InsPiring! Have A grEaT WeeKeNd and CelEbrAte, just bEcauSe yOu CaN!