Monday, July 5, 2010

the photo opportunity

Alrighty everyone. Lets be honest. We all just love pictures of me. I know I do....

Okay. Not really.

I actually just wanted to share these pictures from, what could be called a photoshoot but since it sound so cheesy we will call, a photo oppourtunity, with four incredible photographers called Jefra, Crystalyn, Wynona, and Mindy.

You will see... a picture is worth a thousand words, oui?



by : Jefra


by : Wynona




by : Mindy

Even though I was so nervous and mostly just stood there, made some funky faces, and had perfect timing as I blinked with every shutter, it was so great. They were all so nice, and fun, and of course, so talented! I even got to partake of their pre-photo feast of indian food!

It was such a great photo experience that we would all love to do it again sometime!

And you should probably most likely check out all of their work, because they are all just incredible. What else can I say? That's about it. Incredible.

Have a fun monday! I didn't even know it was monday until I thought about it really hard and then realized that yesterday was Sunday meaning today is Monday. Eek.

xo, Rosie.


i'm jefra... said...

this was so wonderful -- i've been daydreaming about it ever since friday. can't WAIT to do more.


Crystalyn said...

i loved meeting you rosie and photographing you was a dream. i do hope we get to do it again sometime soon.

still have more to edit for's been such a treat.